Hissy Fit Personal Training

Hissy Fit Personal Training - Dublin, Rathfarnham, Dundalk - Fitness Classes in Your Own Home

With Hissy Fit Personal Training you can train in the comfort of your own home or enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors it’s up to you!

Hissy Fit Personal Training involves:

Personal Assessment: Accurate appraisal of present client fitness level incorporating BMI, individually tailored exercise pack and diet correction plan.

Helpful Nutritional Advice: Evaluative tips on healthy eating habits and information on improving energy levels and overall performance capacity

Technical Touch: Suggestions for the establishment of effective techniques aimed at creating postural awareness and enhanced muscular coordination

A Selection of Exercises: Progressing from simple to advanced sessions involving development of strength, speed, dexterity and versatility training specially adapted for alternative terrains.

Package Deals include:

Weight loss work outs: Aimed at those who want to loss weight and build on their strength and fitness

Personalised Pilates: Pilates sessions that focus on you perfecting the movements, toning the core, gaining flexibility and correcting posture.

Learn to run One to One : A special package that will build you up from 0 to 5km in just 6 weeks! 2 for 1 Training: sustain that momentum through mutual motivation with our unique bring a buddy PT and you both receive a 50% discount!

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